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This is one of the special Book conversion Services offered by Shri Data Entry. For anyone who desires high quality data, considering our services should be the best decision you should make to gain a competitive edge in your line of business over others. As one of the leading book conversion service providers online, we pride ourselves with our vast industry experience and our unique capacity and capability to deftly handle book conversion services for any business application. We have been doing book conversion for many years for clients both locally and internationally. our book conversion services involves the conversion of all kinds of printed books as well as manuscripts into editable electronic files. Are you searching for a credible and reliable book conversion outsourcing firm? No need to search any further, we deliver quality oriented outsourced book conversion. Send your book conversion outsourcing requirement to us and get quality conversion within effective time.

We put professionalism at the core right from the beginning of the conversion process. We begin with scanning the book, followed by Optical Character Recognition OCR, the cleaning up of all the mainline text, proofing and lastly styling. All these processes are properly taken care of by our professionals, who effortlessly ensure that they come up with electronic files that are easy to update and convert into usable products.

All projects are closely monitored throughout the entire conversion process to ensure that all our client's specifications or requirements are met. We are well able to handle large-scale projects that require quick delivery without compromising on the quality and accuracy of the project, which makes us uniquely different from our competitors. We ensure that our clients get their product in their desired electronic formats ranging from; FTP, DVD or even via email.

Our extensive experience that spans for years, comupled with advanced technologies have helped us develop an elaborate in-house process that allows us to deftly and effectively convert the original documents or data to an electronic format. This then allows us to maximize on portability, interactivity as well as the versatility of all electronic books, which can then be read on palm, notebooks or desktop computers. in addition, we ensure that every electronic book is well tailored to suit the requirements and preferences of the reader. The different formats in terms of paragraphs, margins, quotes, headings, citations, endnotes and footnotes are all carried out as per the client's specifications, and we are always ready to produce colorful images for all the available photos.

Our highly skilled data entry team of book conversion experts will help you convert all your printed materials to e-journals, e-books, e-brochures and e-research papers. Other special features of our unique book conversion processes include excellent quality, high accuracy, and cost effectiveness and quick turn-around time. Any client who would like to sample our book conversion  services and e-book publishing services will also be pleased to note that our processes support all major book formats. our group of experienced editors will also take your project through full editing and proof reading.

Shri Data Entry services is able to successfully handle any challenges that might arise through the in-house technical support system that helps us to fulfill the various needs of all our esteemed clients. with all that has been said, we guarantee anyone seeking our services the best in their book conversion outsourcing.

contact us or E-mail to outsource your book conversion services, and to also know more about our reliable online data entry services.

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  • The latest data looks excellent. In a first pass I found typos very rarely in about 79,235 entries! which can be due to image resolution.

    - Steven McIntosh

  • Shri Data Entry Services was able to manage their staff to meet the project deadlines. The Quality you delivered is excellent!! I would love to recommend you guys with my associates.

    - Mike Green

  • I am very happy with your responsiveness and time bound services, and as I stated before, I will get back to you soon with another lot of images.

    - Jessica B.

  • The quality and turn-around time was excellent for the last batch. I was in a tight schedule but you have done an excellent job asusual.

    - Tim Brown

  • The quality of PDFs was not good but still you delivered quality results which was above my expectation. Get back you on the next lot of data soon.

    - Allison Smith

  • Data is being scrapped so quickly by you guys and most importantly which is error free!

    - Mathieu Claude-Louis

  • I would like to thank you on behalf of our team for the outstanding work you have done for us. It is a great pleasure to work with you, and I am looking forward to our future collaboration.

    - Natalie Lehmann